The relation between believing in God and heeding

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According to the Noble verses of the Koran whoever believes in God. Should heed   Him, As a result of heeding they perform honourable deeds and God will grant them great rewards:

1. You who believe heed God and believe in His messenger, He will give you double shares in His mercy and grant you a light to walk by as well as forgive you. God is forgiving, Merciful, so let the people of the Book know they can do nothing about God bounty, since bounty lies [entirely] in God hand. He gives it to anyone He wishes. God possesses such tremendous grace! (57:28-29)

2. You who believe, whenever someone tells you to make tom at (any) sessions, then make, Gog will make room for you [elsewhere]. When it is said:  “Move on head!” then move on up. God will raise those of you who believe, in rank as the ones who are given knowledge. (58:11)

3. You who believe, heed God write off anything that remains outstanding from lending at interest if you are [true] believers. (2:278)

4. It will not be held against those who believe and perform honourable deeds for what that may have fed on while they did not do their duty since they did believe and perform honourable deeds. So do your duty and believe and then again do your duty act kindly: God loves those who act kindly.(5:93)

5-You who believe if you heed God, He grants you a standard, absolve your evil deeds for you, and forgive you. God possesses such splendid bounty! (8:29)


Acquaintance with the Koran (Morteza Motahari)

The Quran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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