The Day when the trumpet will be blown and Resurrection will happen

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The following Koranic verses indicted the Day when the Trumpet will be blown and the Resurrection will happen:


Some day the Trumpet will be blown and startle whoever is in Heaven and whoever is on Earth, except for anyone God may wish.

Everyone will come to Him abjectly. You will see the mountains, which you reckoned were solid, slip away just as clouds slip a ways, through the handiwork of God who consummates everything.

He is Informed about whatever you are doing.

Anyone who comes with fine deeds will have something better than it and they will be safe from that day’s terror, while anyone who comes with an evil deed will be flung face down into the fire:

“Aren’t you rewarded with just what you’ve been doing?” (27:87-90)

The trumpet will be sounded and whoever is it Heaven and whoever is   on Earth will be stunned, except for someone God may wish. Then another   [blast] will be blown and behold, they will stand there watching! The earth will shine through its Lords light and the Book will be laid open. Prophets and witnesses will be brought in, and judgment will be pronounced among them formally and they will not be harmed. (30: 68-69)

As it is mentioned in the Koran when the trumpet will be sounded everyone thought the universe will be terrified: 


There was only a single Blast, and imagine, they [lay] shriveled up! (36:39)

They need only wait for a single Blast to catch them while they are arguing away.

They will not even manage to drawn up a will, nor will they return to their own people. (36:49-50)                 


"Recognition of Resurrection" (Allameh Tehrani)


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