The Wisdoms’ Gifts

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The wisdoms’ gifts (Tohaf al-Oqul) is the name of an invaluable book on advice and words of wisdom from the Prophet and Imams; in Arabic.

The author
Abu Muhammad Hasan Harrani, known as “Ibn Sho’beh”, outstanding scholar in the 10th century. There is no information about his birth and death date. He was a proficient jurist and traditionist. Ibn Sho’beh was contemporary with “Sheikh Saduq” and also the master of ####great Shia scholar “ Sheikh Mufid”.

The book structure
Tohaf al-Oqul contains topics on advice, counsels, recommendations and aphorisms from the Holy Prophet and Imams, on religious, ethical, juridical and social subjects. At the end of the book, four sections as follows are added:
1- Moses’ (the Prophet) praying to God
2- Jesus’ praying to God
3- Jesus’ counsels in the Gospel and his words of wisdom
4- Mufazzal Ibn Umar (Imam Sadeq’s companion) recommendation to Shias

This book has been always reliable and trusted by Shia jurists and traditionists. It is one of the main sources of the great works “Behar al-Anwar” (The Seas of Lights) and Wasael al-Shia”.

The book first was published in 1885 in Iran, and then in Iraq and Lebanon. the manuscript is also available in libraries. It was translated into Persian.



Tohaf al-Oqul

A’yan al-Shia


The Persian translation (by Ayatollah Kamareyi)


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