Ghiyath al-Din Jamshid

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Jamshid Ibn Mas’oud Kashani, celebrated astronomer and mathematician (1387 – 1429), from Kashan. His father was a physician. He wrote in Persian and in Arabic. Ghiyath al-Din gives a description of the tests undergone by poets when they were admitted to the sovereign’s court. He also assisted in the establishment of Ulugh Beg’s (Timurid ruler in Samarqand; b. 1933, ruled. 1447 – 1449) astronomical tables, and established the value of pi with extraordinary exactitude.
1- Khaghani astronomical table
2- Tasilat astronomical table
3- Treatises “Chord” and “Sine” (on mathematics and geometry)
4- The dimensions and bodies
5- Treatise “Circumference”
6- Treatise on “the dimensions of the earth and the stars”, etc.
His books and astronomical tables are kept in the famous libraries in the world.


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