Sahl Ibn Haroon

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Abu Muhammad Sahl Ibn Haroon Sho’ubi, Arab poet, author, literary man and philosopher in the 8th and 9th century and originally from Iran. He held high offices in the chancellery at the court of several caliphs. Sahl Ibn Haroon was from Sho’ubiya (name of a movement in early Islam of non-Arabs) and was against Arabs, he prefered Iranians to Arabs and insisted on his beliefs. He was famous for stinginess and also wrote a treatise on praising stinginess. His greatest admirer was his younger contemporary “Jahez”. ####
1- The leopard and fox
2- Wameq and Azra (a famous love story)
3- The anthelopes
4- Managing kingdom and policy
5- Tree of wisdom, etc.

Sahl Ibn Haroon died in 830.


Mojam al-Odaba -vol. 2

Farsi encyclopedia -vol. 1


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