Abu Abbas Marvzi

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Abu Abbas Marvzi was one of the poets of Khorasan(one of the provinces of Iran), it has been said that he was the first poet who wrote Farsi poems. He lived in the 8th century. Marvzi was a scholar and man of noble birth in Khorasan, he had a perfect acquaintance with Farsi and Arabic literature. Soyouti( the name of a poet) has mentioned to two persons with this name( Abu Abbas ), one is who has was mentioned before –as the first poet who wrote Farsi poems- and the other one is Abu Abbas Ghasem Marvzi Sayyari who was a jurist, mystic and the #### narrator of traditions and also was known as the first person who has talked about Sufism. Some of the contemporary researchers such as: Safa and Nafisi believe that these two are the same( there is only one Abu Abbas Marvzi not two). However Abu Abbas as jurist and mystic, is the same as Abu Abbas Sayyari, who passed away in 953. Abu Abbas Marvzi passed away in 816.


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